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Email us at: ccc4vat2@ccc4vat2.co.uk

SECRETARIAT: Simon Bryden-Brook, 1 Carysfort House, 14 West Halkin Street, London SW1X 8JS
Tel: +44 0207 235 2841 Fax: +44 0207 823 2110

CCC/POGT Treasurer: Colin Stockford, 5B Wimborne Road, Blandford, Dorset DT11 7AP

Members are invited to make an annual donation to CCC, or if tax payers to the People of God Trust (POGT) under a Gift Aid Declaration (GAD). POGT has the same aims as CCC and gives generous support to the movement. Please ask the Treasurer for a GAD form when you first pay to POGT if you are a tax payer. Donations by Gift Aid become worth over 28% more.

The recommended annual donation is now £20 (which becomes over £25 if donated with GAD to POGT). There is a special low income rate of £12, and Life Membership is £250, or £150 for those over 70. A single donation covers a couple at the same address.

Cheques (payable to POGT if a tax payer, and to CCC otherwise should be sent to the Treasurer, from whom Banker’s Order forms are also available. CAF vouchers in favour of POGT are also welcome.

Donations are normally due on 1st October each year. Mailing labels on Renew show how you are paying.

Suggestions for improvement welcomed at ccc4vat2@ccc4vat2.co.uk

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